An einsum use-case


Resolutions for 2018

A solid three weeks late on the new year's resolutions, but still a marked improvement over last year.

(...I didn't post resolutions last year...)

I've been involved with a small faculty writing group since mid-December, with the expressed goal of helping its participants develop and sustain regular writing habits. Since …

New year, new blog layout

Happy 2018!

I've been wanting to put a fresh coat of paint on things for awhile around here, especially since the old Flex template didn't have a really good way of supporting embedded Jupyter notebooks without completely upending the CSS (love the theme otherwise!).

Taking a page (or really, an …

Summer of Data Science 2017: Wrap-up


Mixed bag.

The Long Version

Something that's stuck with me from my middle school obsession with the Wing Commander books and video games was this quote:

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.

Certainly as true as ever with the admittedly extremely ambitious …

Summer of Data Science 2017

A few days ago, while I was still in Portland, OR enjoying the last few days of PyCon 2017, Renee (@BecomingDataSci) mentioned on Twitter that she might bring back the "Summer of Data Science" she kicked off last year.

In short: use the summer as an opportunity to learn and …