At home during COVID-19

Image source: instachaaz (the stuff is awesome)

Well, this has certainly been a unique past couple of months. I had a lot of things in mind for the spring 2020 semester and beyond, but I can safely say it's all been completely upended now.

I don't want to trivialize COVID-19 …

Breath of Fresh (albeit, indoor) Air

This is a divergence that is simultaneously strange and entirely predictable.

Allow me to explain.

First and foremost, I've been training for my first marathon in 4.5 years for the past several months. It's largely consisted of base-building, but in the last couple of weeks we entered the "official …

An einsum use-case


Resolutions for 2018

A solid three weeks late on the new year's resolutions, but still a marked improvement over last year.

(...I didn't post resolutions last year...)

I've been involved with a small faculty writing group since mid-December, with the expressed goal of helping its participants develop and sustain regular writing habits. Since …

New year, new blog layout

Happy 2018!

I've been wanting to put a fresh coat of paint on things for awhile around here, especially since the old Flex template didn't have a really good way of supporting embedded Jupyter notebooks without completely upending the CSS (love the theme otherwise!).

Taking a page (or really, an …

Summer of Data Science 2017: Wrap-up


Mixed bag.

The Long Version

Something that's stuck with me from my middle school obsession with the Wing Commander books and video games was this quote:

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.

Certainly as true as ever with the admittedly extremely ambitious …