So, this is a thing I made.

My name is Shannon Quinn. I'm an assistant professor in the Computer Science and Cellular Biology departments at the University of Georgia. Which is ironic at some level, considering my undergraduate degree in Computer Science came from Georgia Tech (GO JACKETS).

My interests are pretty broad, but the best summary I can give is that I enjoy hacking at large-scale data science problems. I'm trained in computer vision, bioimaging, distributed computing, and machine learning. Most of my work somehow involves eigensolvers and solving large systems of linear equations, but it's a sure bet that if it involves public health, I'm interested. I'm particularly fascinated by the problem of large-scale integration of heterogeneous data sources to paint a more cogent and cohesive picture than would be possible with only a single source of information.

I'm a huge proponent of open source development, and a big believer in open science. I try to make tools, data, and course materials all available with open source licenses. I also like contributing to various open source projects such as Apache Mahout, scikit-learn, and others.

In my copious (lulz) free time, I enjoy board gaming, video gaming, and anything that involves working up a sweat: baseball, football, basketball, racquetball, cycling, hiking, and especially running.